Advancing Ecological Awareness in the Cloud ECO2Clouds wants to help you put in place Greener Strategies for your Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

Cloud Computing can offer many benefits: service and infrastructure flexibility, pay as you go policies, IT complexity outsourcing, etc. We strive to enable Cloud Applications and its underlying Infrastructures become Greener and more Environmental Friendly.

We proudly believe that small steps can make an impact on the industry. We are not satisfied with organizations only buying carbon off-sets; or with the improvement of IT operations just using less energy, more efficiently.We have worked during the last two years to build something that matters. We have built ECO2Clouds technologies with the objective to build an approach that helps the world be greener.

ECO2Clouds ECO-Aware Metrics and Tools let's you get ahead of carbon impact in the Cloud

Our technology allows monitoring and accountability of carbon footprint; energy usage and type of cloud infrastructures and applications. We also are able to quantify CO2 emissions in clouds and applications and provide the means to facilitate greener strategies.

If you are a Decision Maker or Create Software for Data Center or the Cloud, keep reading...

ECO<sub>2</sub>Clouds Energy Awareness in the cloud

  • ECO2Clouds enables ECO-Monitoring using a metric model that extends the traditional approach to consider ECO-related issues at cloud infrastructure and application levels.

  • ECO2Clouds enables ECO-Accounting of carbon implications. It enables passing collected data along the value chain and provides ECO-Credentials.

  • ECO2Clouds framework provides ECO-Agility can be achieved by adopting ECO-Metrics into the decision making process for deployment and runtime adaptation.

  • ECO2Clouds provides ECO-Portability by using optimization strategies that manage cloud workload using energy-mix information from distributed sites in multi-cloud environments.

  • ECO2Clouds also enables ECO-Control for applications. Apps can now evaluate their execution performance against ECO conditions and implement actions to take control and to decide their best execution venue.

Getting Green Clouds Done is our commitment to provide new ways that enable green policies for the Cloud

ECO2Clouds gives you the power to start greening your Cloud Infrastructures and Applications. It also enables optimizing your data center carbon impact with its state of the art CO2 optimization models.

Once you enable your cloud infrastructure to gather ECO2Clouds required metrics to start collecting data, you take control of green monitoring. ECO2Clouds will then help you generate and propose innovative deployment and scheduling strategies for more sustainable federated Cloud sourcing. The technology also supports adaptation mechanisms that can perform changes to running applications based on energy consumption and carbon emissions.

ECO<sub>2</sub>Clouds Optimization

ECO2Clouds Technology and Best Practices is Open Source

ECO2Clouds technology is Open Source benefit from using the technology and best practices result of our research.

ECO2Clouds Team has created and shared the results of our project. You can benefit from our metrics and tools that can:

  • Enable quantification of green energy consumption at cloud infrastructure and application level

  • Keep track of your carbon footprint and energy metrics to show how green you are in the supply chain and corporate social responsibility

  • Deploy and manage cloud applications on multiple cloud platforms considering carbon footprint and energy efficiency with our Green Friendly Scheduling Models

  • Enable applications to take automated decisions that modify their behavior to act greener by adapting to optimize carbon footprint and energy efficiency

Field tested in the real world ECO2Clouds technology has been successfully tested in BonFIRE research cloud facilities

ECO2Clouds green toolbox has implemented its carbon-aware technologies into BonFIRE, a Future Internet Research and Experimentation facility, to test, validate and optimize the ECO-metrics, models and algorithms developed. We have helped improving the FIRE offering by adding Green Capabilities.

ECO<sub>2</sub>Clouds Operation Policies

ECO<sub>2</sub>Clouds Application Workload

Green Innovation hard work pays off

ECO2Clouds has developed novel metrics for providing information of CO2 footprint at VM and Application (A-PUE) Levels.

Efficiency of data centers is on the radar of several optimization strategies. Now eco-accountability is also in the agenda along the full value chain. However, the consequences of outsourcing computing in the way carbon impact is tracked for a given company, is not currently being addressed by current alternatives. ECO2Clouds provides a demonstration that it is very feasible. We address the supply chain accountability issue for carbon emissions. We help you measure, monitor and put in place ECO-Accounting.