ECO<sub>2</sub>Clouds Energy Awareness in the cloud

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Start getting your Clouds Green with ECO2Clouds Metrics and Tools

We have released the results of ECO2Clouds project under a suite of ECO-Aware Assets that will help you embrace ECO-Friendly metrics and monitoring to underpin putting up in place Greener Strategies for your Sites; Cloud Infrastructures; and Cloud Applications

ECO2Clouds is about ECO-Awareness to allow the IT industry take Green Actions

ECO2Clouds team wants to advance ECO-Awareness in the cloud industry by helping sites and data centers facilities; cloud infrastructure providers and cloud applications to monitor green impact and to take action on their green behavior

Join our Getting Green Clouds Done movement, which means:

  • Put in place ECO-Aware Metrics and get ready for "Getting Green Clouds Done"

  • Enable ECO-Aware Energy Monitoring and Analysis to underpin your Green Policies

  • Take Action and decide how to deploy and manage your cloud infrastructure and cloud applications behavior according to ECO-Aware decision making to improve your carbon footprint with our ECO-Aware cloud Workload Scheduling Models and our ECO-Aware Cloud Application Controller that enable automated decisions to modify their behavior at runtime.

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